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Welcome to DATravelography!

If you are wondering what is DA-Travelography, DA stands for Deepti Asthana. Most of my friends call me ‘DA’, blame the four years I spent in Tamilnadu during the graduation where people refer each other by ‘Da’ or ‘Di’.
I am a passionate Photographer, incurable travel addict and a Travel Blogger. You would find my travel stories through text and images in this space which would take you through my world of ‘Travelography’.


I grew-up in a small town Bareilly, in a protective family. As a kid, I was never introduced to photography as a hobby or a profession, for me it was just a way to capture the important moments of our family where we used to keep the count of every photo clicked out of 36. In fact I always complained about not having many pictures of my childhood and I guess it was destiny for it to be compensated with the thousands of pictures I would click now.


How I got into Travel Photography

It was in a local pub of Brighton in 2011 when a British friend of mine showed me his pictures as a part of one of our casual conversations.That was the first time when a fire ignited within my heart. Being in UK for two years I travelled a bit in Europe. But my fate changed and I shifted to Mumbai and here I embarked on my journey of Travel Photography. There was whole lot of stuff to learn about traveling as well. We as a family didn’t travel for leisure or holidaying much, it was always about going to next big city and spending summer vacation at my Aunt’s place During the college days there were few budget trips to explore the Southern India but it was simply for fun, not anything more than that. But now being in Mumbai, I got ample of opportunities and can actually live my connection with nature to the fullest. Camera is now an integral part of my life.


What I am upto now

My life revolves around my travels and I love to go in the cycle of- plan, travel, click and repeat. Photography has taken me to places where I had never imagined I would, from the temples of Cambodia, to the mosques of Malaysia; from capturing wildlife in the rainforests of Karnataka to the treks of Western Ghats; from the last inhabited village of Himalayas to the crowded Ghats of Varanasi, from watching Snake Boast race in Aranmula to Visiting the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, from capturing sunset at London Bridge to tasting wine at Eiffel Tower. Every time, I travel, I become a better planner, a better photographer and may be a better human being.

My Idea of Travel and Photography

My idea is to take positive photographs highlighting the best a place has to offer, whether it is the vibrancy of the landscapes, the architectural grandeur of monuments or the warmth and friendliness of its people.

I enjoy capturing people most (no pun intended), their culture and social values which uniquely represent them and I help create an honest story through my photographs. I include the element for the colors, vibrancy and light in my photographs which give a sense of happiness and peace.

In my travels, I am a big time planner and I research a lot before arriving to the destination. I believe in getting under the skin of place and not just visiting the famous touristy sights. I prefer to stay local, eat local and if possible talk local. I need more freedom while I travel. I want to know more about the people where I travel to, I need to know their stories and tell those stories through my pictures. I spend more time at a place if I like to, I move on fast if things don’t interest me, I love to spend some lonely time with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, trees and I can find such freedom when I travel solo or may be like minded company.

A few achievements

I recently Won Second Prize in International Youth Photography Competition Organized by UNESCO.

I have been selected by Kerala Tourism for their initiative ‘Kerala Blog Express’ to Travel with 25 International Travel Bloggers for two weeks across the length and breadth of Kerala.


I also won First prize in Travel Blogger Contest Co-hosted by Active Holiday and Intrepid Travel to win a Trip to Thailand


Won First Prize in Travel Blogging Contest by Tripoto to explore North-East India and also chosen as one of the 14 best Bloggers in 2014 by Tripoto


Published Image in Vogue

My Kit

Canon 550 D, f 2.8/50 mm, standard 18-55mm and a recent addition L series USM canon 70-200 f 4.5 which I am absolutely loving.

My Camera Kit

My Camera Kit



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  1. as everyone want to at top of the level………but yewr…style of capturing is really fabulous… yuh are at the same way ..but here is smthing different that helps yuh to make urself different, like ur work .. ..god bless yuh ..

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